Do you ever have that feeling that you’re always one step behind on newly listed tokens / projects? With MoonFlight, you never have to feel that way again!

This FLIGHT will send you to the moon several times! MoonFlight is a fully decentralized launchpad which allows anyone to launch new projects and provides FLIGHT holders passive income. Holding FLIGHT tokens grants holders automatic airdrops of newly created tokens the moment they are distributed. It is a decentralized launchpad and will allow anyone to launch a project without centralized approval. When a project launch completes its raise, the project will be subject to a 3% fee. Half of this fee is in the form of the newly launched token and the other half is in the form of BNB. 2% of the listing fee is shared among FLIGHT holders and the remaining 1% is retained by MoonFlight.io. If you hold FLIGHT in your BSC wallet, you will receive a portion of the fee. This means, FLIGHT holders will receive 1% of the new token and 1% BNB. This percentage is proportional to the amount of FLIGHT you own. The more FLIGHT you hold the more tokens and BNB you will receive. EXAMPLE:


XYZ TOKEN launches on Moonflight.io. They are looking to raise 100 BNB. XYZ will be offering 2,000,000 tokens. These tokens will be sold at a rate of 20,000 XYZ / 1 BNB. Once this raise has completed, 1 % XYZ and 1% BNB from this raise will be distributed proportionately to FLIGHT token holders based on the amount of FLIGHT they hold.


$MOONFLIGHT Maximum Supply: 16,000,000
Transaction fee: 10% of which
Redistributed to holders: 50%
Auto-locked in LP on PancakeSwap: 50%


Allow any project to launch a project via smart contracts.
The fee for listing a project on MoonFlight is 3% of total funds raised. (1.5% in the listing projects tokens & 1.5% of BNB).
Holders of FLIGHT will receive 2% of this fee (1% new token and 1% BNB raised).
MoonFlight will retain 1% of this fee (0.5% new token and 0.5% BNB).

Launchpad smart contract details

When a project registers via MoonFlight.io, a smart contract is created. This contract is identical for every project. This will be open source for transparency. It will only reveal the 3% fee and soft cap / hard cap entered by the team launching the project. If their Softcap is not reached, then funds are returned to users. If a Softcap is reached, then the project will go forward with the fund raise. Another smart contract will require the project to deposit 101.5% of the token sale. Meaning that if they are selling 100,000 tokens then they will need to deposit 101,500 tokens to account for half of the 3% fee. The opposite is true for the BNB. If they raise 100 BNB, then the contract will send 98.5 BNB to the address that was entered at registration.


Moonlight does not endorse any project that uses the moonlight launchpad. All projects that use the launchpad have not been verified nor researched. The moonflight launchpad is fully decentralised, so make sure that you DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Moonlight is not responsible for any losses, that accuse from market conditions, LP providers, farming, rugs pulls, or lack of a projects development. Make sure to research each project on your own, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.


Non Stop
Token Burns

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Added Liquidity

Free Airdrops
From Every Launch

Free BNB Airdrops
From Every Launch